Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aunt Louanna finally meeting Luke

I finally got to go back east and see My nephew Luke for his one month birthday here are the pictures!
He went to the doctor the tuesday after and had grown 3 inches and gained almost 2 lbs since birth.

Uncle Ben and Lukey

Lukey in the hot tub

Lukey enjoying the hot tub with his aunt Louanna

Isn't he sweet!

Pop pop and Luke

How cute does he look, I can picture his scrunched up in his mommy's tummy.

He loves his Nana

His Daddy loves to hold him and give him lots of kiss's

Our first few moments together, as you can see Luke was very excited!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We are Aunt Louanna and Uncle Dave

Luke is here!

My brother and his wife welcomed a baby boy on Thursday June 18th at 9:40 PM
Luke Joshua Gill 7 pounds 7 Ounces and 19 inches long.
Unfortunatley Dave and I are in California and couldn't be there to see him immediatley but I will be heading home in a few weeks to see him. I talked to him on the phone today, he is a very talkative little guy already its adorable.

My Mom and Dad are so excited to be grandparents.

Look at those young grandparents.

My sister, Aunt Becca holding her new nephew, he looks alot like Becca and Josh when they were babies.

Mommy, mark and Daddy Josh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wine tasting weekend!

Dave's sister Carrie is getting married in August and decided since her fiance likes beer not wine that she wanted to do her bachlorette weekend in Napa/Sonoma. I personally was thrilled becase this meant one less flight for me and I love wine especially from Napa and Sonoma. Since it would have been like $450 a day to get a limo we decided to rent a van and bring Dave up to be our designated driver. It was awesome! All of Carries friends were super fun and we had a blast here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.
Carries Favorite Candy is JellyBelly's so our first stop was the Jelly Belly factory about 20 minutes from our Hotel.
This is Jelly Belly art its a picture of Ronald Reagan (who's favorite candy was also Jelly Belly) completley done withJelly Belly Jelly Beans. I got this picture for my Dad since he loves Reagan.

This is Angela feeling the same way as me ready to go wine tasting.

Us all piled in the car
Back row: Kelly, Carrie, Angela
Front row: Rachel, Sara

Dave and I at Frias Family Winery, you have to drive up this very steep rocky road (we barely made it) when you get to the top theres two small buildings a porta potty and a tent. I didn't think this was going to be such a fun stop but it was awesome. Its not open to the public so we knew somone who knew someone and they got us the tasting. It was so worth it and Manny the owner was great it was a good time.

A picture of the girls out in the Frias Family vineyard with a Napa backdrop

The fam, Dave his cousin Sara and Carrie his sister and the bride to be

This is the hot 84 year old dude that Carrie almost left Shane for!

Pancha's bar, a total dive but super fun would go to again. We saw it the next day in the day light it looks like a completley sketchy condemned building. It was fun the night before.

In the caves at one of the wineries can't remember the name

Sitting on the rocking bench at our favorite winery in Sonoma Chateau St. Jean

Chilling at Cakebread Cellars, great tasting that had us all around the winery it was fun.

Our final stop at Sullivan vineyards our favorite vineyard in Napa, we were sad to leave it was a great weekend. Can't wait to party with everyone at the wedding in August.

Family Game night and Barbeque

After the baby shower we all went to Josh and Sara's house for a barbeque and fun games. It was such a beautiful day that we played cornhole outside. Cornhole is a basically like bean bag toss but from farther away and the bags are filled with corn kernels. Its actually fun, I get pretty competitive.

Me with my game face on! Markie was my partner he was way to nice to the other team!

Mommy and Markie having fun, and Josh and Sara's House in the back.

The Peanut Gallery

Mommy getting ready for her big throw, I think she got a cornhole on this throw. Thats when you get it in the hole on the board.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are going to be Auntie Louanna and Uncle Dave

I am so excited my older brother Josh and his wife Sara are going to have a baby, she is due July 2nd so we are waiting to meet the newest member of the Gill family. I was lucky enough to be able to go back to the shower the first weekend in June.
Here are some pictures from the fun event.

This is the beautiful cake, that a friend of Sara's family made she used to own a bakery it was beautiful and tasted great too.

Here are the proud parents that we honored that Day! Sara looks amazing I hope I look half as good as her when I'm pregnant.

Dave's sister Carrie and her Mom were also able to make it to the shower, here is a quick picture I grabbed with carrie.

My sister Becca, Me and my sister in Law to be Liz

Becca and Jacque ( Sara's sister in law-She has the most beautiful and intelligent baby girl)

Ben my little brother and Dan Becca's husband came by at the end to help carry the gifts.

The Gill Sisters!

We Made it 5 Years and we are both still alive!

We have had an amazing and adventerous five years of marriage but are very glad that we found each other and are loving married life. Its wonderful to still be in love after 5 years. I know its nothing compared to the 64 my grandparents have been married but we are working up to that.

We went to Palm Springs for the weekend. Palm Springs is great, it feel completley ok to do nothing while you are there so we pretty much slept, ate and went to the pool. 2 days away was not long enough.

This is us in the golf course right outside our room. Next time we are going to bring our clubs.

This is the patio we sat on every night eating dinner, drinking some amazing wine that we brought and enjoying the view of the golf course and the amazing weather.

A quick pretty picture the morning we left.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Shower Fun!

I put together a wedding shower for my sister in law Carrie in April. It went so well and she looked so beautiful. I can't wait for her wedding in August or the bachlorette party in Napa. Here are a few pictures from the day of fun. Carries family was quite competitive and cut throat when it came to the games i'm glad they enjoyed them so much.

The Beautiful bride to be and her Mom!

The vegan Cake, carrie is allergic to Dairy, a true allergy not lactose intolerant so she really can't have any dairy. Luckily there is a vegan bakery near her house. It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing all vegan though. It was soooooo good!

The beautiful bride to be! Love the Ann Taylor outfit!

My mom sister, sister in law and new niece or nephew( not sure yet) were also able to be there!

It was great to come home and see everyone, Especially my sister in law Sara who is due in July. Doesn't she look amazing.

Mommy and her baby girls.